Find Your Caddie

Going to a course without a caddie program? Prefer to walk but would rather not carry your bag? Need advice on the course or help reading your putts?  Baggr is for you!
Baggr connects you with certified caddies. You provide the where and when, number of players and caddie type. We find the right caddie fit for you and your playing partners–they’ll be there an hour before tee time. Base rate payment is done in the app, the tip is in cash. It’s as simple as that.


Download the app and let us know where and when you want to play.


We quickly search our extensive database of qualified caddies.


Confirm your caddie and they'll meet you before you tee off.

Why Baggr?

Baggr is a newly formed technology company that brings efficiency to the esoteric world of caddying. Using the Baggr Caddies app, golfers will easily and affordably link up with caddies.

More golfers are looking at the game as a form of light exercise and more and more people are looking to supplement their income by taking on additional work. Baggr merges these two trends by facilitating meet-ups between golfers needing a caddie and caddies looking for work. 


Golf is best enjoyed with a caddie

Frequently Asked Questions