What Caddies and Golfers Want

Many golfers prefer to walk, and have benefited from caddies since the game’s beginning. Caddies improve camaraderie, scoring, course maintenance, and pace of play, which leads to happier golfers. By making it easy to find and book caddies in advance, clubs can provide this improved experience more often.

Baggr Caddies’ software helps clubs:

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    Reach Caddies Via Mobile App

    Individual and group push notifications and emails keep your regular caddies informed

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    Reserve Caddies in Advance

    Send tee time offers or group Caddie Calls for busy days to reduce down time

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    Meet Peak Golfer Demand

    Find outside caddies for tournaments and busy days

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    Document Caddie IC Status

    Caddies are independent contractors who can freely accept/decline offers

Baggr Caddies can help your course create, manage, or expand its caddie program. Get started by telling us about your course:

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    Caddies that utilize the Baggr website and software are independent contractors, and have agreed by using the App to indemnify and hold harmless all golfers, caddies, and courses they encounter through the use of the App of any damages they cause. Please click here to review the Caddie Terms of Service.