More Bags = More Money

Whether you are a pro jock or a beginner, Baggr connects you with golfers in need of a caddie. Within the app, you’ll be asked to share with us your past caddying experience and your current club affiliation. You can also indicate your preferred location, schedule and job type, and Baggr’s matching engine handles the rest.

Is Baggr right for you?

  • Caddie when and where you want
  • Offers can always be turned down
  • Make good money while getting exercise
  • Spend time outside in beautiful settings
  • Meet interesting, successful people
  • No waiting at the caddie shack for a job that might not come
  • Earn extra spending money or use Baggr to make a career!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get started with the app on your smartphone. We ask for a caddie manager reference to contact when you sign up on the app.
Baggr Caddies does not offer training but does consider certifications from third-party providers of training and certification in the validation process.
Neither, actually, Baggr Caddies is a software company that enables you to book caddie engagements. As a caddie, you are an independent contractor of a golfer. You are not an employee of Baggr, LLC, the course/club, or the golfer(s) associated with a given caddie engagement.
You can join the Baggr Caddies network if you are a caddie and have a club affiliation, but you will only be able to use Baggr Caddies to caddie at this club.  Please email Baggr Caddies if you would like help with this process.
Yes. Your Preferences page in the app, which you can edit at any time, tells us about what types of caddying opportunities you prefer and what times you ideally are interested in caddying. We incorporate this information as we generate offers.
You may update your schedule as frequently as you like. While we try to match caddies to their preferred engagement times, you may receive offers that you are unavailable to accept – just decline them, hopefully the next offer will fit your schedule.
Caddies can set their preferences for the types of jobs they want on the Preferences page in the app. If you don’t want to double bag, simply let us know. If you prefer to forecaddie, we will try to send you mostly those offers.
Base rates vary depending on type of job, caddie classification, and the club/course where the job will take place.

Yes, the fee for joining the Baggr network is $50, payable from the proceeds of your first five engagements ($20, $10, $10, $5, and $5, respectively). At this time, the fee is waived. For accepting offered loops, caddies may be charged a booking fee.

Yes. Baggr Caddies will share the contact info for caddies and golfers for three hours prior to the tee time and up to one hour after the tee time. Please do not contact the golfer outside of this window.
Caddies should avoid cancelling, if there is ever a question, please just decline the offer in the first place. If you have to cancel, please let Baggr Caddies know as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement caddie for the golfer.
As with any visitor, caddies are required to adhere to the dress code of the specific golf course. In general, most caddies wear khaki shorts or pants with a golf shirt, a solid colored bib, and tennis shoes. will be launching an on-line store that will offer caddie related items like bibs and laser range finders in the coming months.
Baggr Caddies uses a specialized matching software to match golfers with caddies. We do our best to only offer caddies jobs that fit their preferences and availability. We also try to ensure that all caddies who are looking to work are offered jobs on a regular basis.
As per the Privacy Policy, Baggr, LLC will not use your personal information for any outside purposes. Only Baggr Caddies has access to this information. Private networks that you opt into may have access to your phone number and email address to contact you regarding caddie engagements.
It’s an ability to look at a player when he hits a bad shot and go ‘ehhhh…it happens.’ And when he hits a good shot, you go, ‘well, that’s really who you are.’Bill Murray


All caddies are required to be approved to use the app. For caddies with experience, this is a simple process.  Simply tell us where you have caddied (currently or previously) and provide the name and contact information of your caddie manager. For those who are new to caddying, you can either find a local program to gain experience or receive caddie certification from an approved third party to be get started with Baggr Caddies. These organizations provide course materials and generally require that you pass an assessment and pay a fee before receiving your certification, and some may require on course experience. Contact us to learn more about certification options.